My mind often spins at full speed because I’m always busy taking photos in my head…


What Drives Me?


My photography journey began with taking photos on vacations. Not of buildings and the well-known highlights, but more of details. Beautiful color combinations, cool interiors, shop windows, patterns in tiles, and so on.

I’m always striving to create harmonious images that radiate a certain calmness. My passion for photography stems from that tranquility.

Over the years and during my studies, I gained a lot of experience in other creative fields as well. Styling is an extension of photography for me, and that’s why I quickly sense what works and what does not. Often, I already have an image in my head beforehand and then I work with the client to translate it into their story.

My style is described as refined, harmonious, and refreshing.

Creative, collaborative, social, calm, and enthusiastic are words that describe me.
I get most of my inspiration from the sea and being on the water; it’s a place of peace. One of my biggest dreams is to live by the beach, preferably in a Mediterranean country.

I’d love to take you on a journey through the world I see through my lens.

“We can see that Sanne enjoys what she does; she is creative, innovative, and collaborative. Additionally, as a person, she is social, open, and very friendly.”